Wednesday, September 1, 2010

no moreee.

he used to be my everything,
the one who i always had in mine,
the one who i always turn to whenever i had some difficulties,
the one who i always share my happiness with,
the one who create a smile on my face,
he always give me the strength whenever i fall,
and show me the light when i'm lost,

but the sad part is,
he didnt love me the way i did,
i'm just wondering have i crossed his mind before ?
he seems like do care for me at time,
but i guess its not based on love huh ?
know what, the closer i'm getting into him,
the more apart he goes awayy from me. .

i thought the second chance that i gave him was the best choice !
but i didnt realise that what i've done were just destroying myself more. . !
and this time, yeah, its more deeper.
the old scars of mine bleeds again numorous time.
yeah, i was blinded by my own lust !

i didnt see the part of him that goin to destroy me,
he took me for credit again, just for granted,
he crushed my heart into a smaller pieces than it used to be,
and this time, he KILLED me !!!

since the day you let me go,
it had never been a day without tears drop from my eyes,
i kept on thinking of you,
eventhough i'm the one who ask for the breakup,
but its against my will,
its because i cant recognize you anymore,
you've changed,
i gave you the second chance,
is to prove to me that you've changed,
but you've dissappointed me,
remember the moment,
when you said you wanna start all over again,
when you promised me you wont let me down,
where gone all your promises to me ?
i trusted you baby,
but i guess you're not serious with it right ?
its just a dream, a fairytale in my life,
AGAIN. . .

just for your info baby,
until this moment,
i still cant forget you !
its not worth for me,
i have my own life,
why should i think of you
when what you have been doin is laughing out loud for my suffer ?
well, yeah, all my love to you had crushed into pieces,
thanks for all your sweet words,
it really had fooled me,
for the second time,
i never realised that i'm such an idiot,
but yeah, i will try to forget you someday,
it just a matter of time.
i just have to wait for the time to comes.
FAREWELL mohammad raizul ashari.

edittedby : miraa :)