Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Love Is A Lie

sometimes, i just got this sense laa,
i knew that something gonna happen before it happens,
well, i knew that my relationship with him will ruined someday,
and it happened, sadly.
i gave him the second chance but he just dont know how to appreciate it,
i cant bite my tongue forever,
while you try to play it cool,
you can hide behind your story but just,
dont take me for a fool, please !
yeah, you look so innocent but the guilt in your voice give you away,
yeahh, you know what i mean honey,
how does it feel when you kiss when you know that I TRUSTED YOU,
so dont try to say you're sorry,
or tried to make it right,
dont waste your breath because it just too late,
and i know that your love is just a lie,
you're NOTHING BUT A LIE honey. :')