Friday, August 13, 2010

what the hell are you thinking boy ?

haha. my first post. err. okay.
there are this one boy, who used to be my boyfie before.
felt like to mention his name so that people would know him. sucker dude !
btw, yeah, comin back to the story, we knew each other just within this year, and on may, he ask for a lovestory between both of us, i was awwww, so sweet. so i accept him. but storms of quarrel come and attack us on june and led up to a breakup, he was the one who ask for it, and i felt so down to hell at that moment. i was like really down. kept on thinking bout him, hoping for him to come back, but we dont communicate for about two weeks until this one day, he began to text me again, and i was happy up to heaven bebehh ! haha. only Allah knows how happy am i that day, then we text like usual, but as a friend, and you know what ? i really really damn hope that he'll ask for a come back, but he doesnt, he just giving a kind of clue that he still loves me, and i kept on hoping for the miracle, and wusshhhh ! on 20 july, we are declared as a cpl again !!!!!! :D i'm so damn happy ! our relationship are much more better after the breakup thingie. and i was dreaming that we would be together till the eyes close forever. mean smpai mati la kan, hehehe. perasan. but, what we plan, is not always gonna be a reality, and it just yesterday, 12 of august. i ask for a break. you must have that curiosity to know why ?? . its because of my stupidity to accept him before i could think deeply, i dont know how to say. mcm ni, one week before we clash, we got some misunderstanding, and then we okay again. but lately, i realize that he would only text me IF i started to text him, if not, he wont text. wtf ??? damn. and on fb, if i commented on his status, he wont rep, but when one of his girl-friend commented, dgn pantasnya he balas. ! wth !!?? its like he's there, but he mcm doesnt know me, treat me like a stranger !!?? hey, i'm your gf okay, treat me well please ! but, well, all that was a past now, and i'm trying to be better . pray for me thanks.

mira :)