Friday, August 20, 2010

WEiiiiiiiii !!

i told you guys, just be cool ;D
haha. bet all of you got the attention yeah ?? haha. you know what happen just now ?
at exactly 12.45 p.m, in Malaysia. my college bell's rang, the funny thing was that me and some of the kids can ignore the bell man ??!! WTH ?? hahaha. all of us, turn right turm left and keep onlining. haha. stupid fellows. dont know what am i thinking but i kept on onlining and listening to the music, UNTIL. . the people in charge ask all of us to come out from the Cyber Centre and urged all of us to stand outside the building. and all of them was like very confused and asking question like it is the end of the world, i was like , come on, just a bell rang babe, dont have to be that serious ?? haha. then after for a few minutes we stand there, the bell stopped rang. SEE ?? i told you . dont have to be that serious right ? haha. err, then now yeah. i'm sitting infront of the PC and writting this for you guys. heheee.

okay. now i wanna share bout me and my babe ( Rita ) yesterday, damn ! we made a stupid choice by choosing the wrong menu for 'berbuka puasa'. HAHA. you just imagine, we arrive at central market at around 7.30, just back from college. so, we just go round and saw the ais kacang, and without giving it a thought we straight away order the ais kacang. haha. then we ate. after a few moment, we started shivering and cannot resist it already, so i admit to rita that we made the wrong choice, then we laugh. HAHA. stupid girls like us are LIKE THAT. hahaha. so, it was my funny funny moment with my babe yesterday. :D

i love this movieeeee !
cute lil cubs <3
yeah, last night also i watch this movie. . Two brothers, story about this two tigers which is brothers, awww. i cant describe my feeling after watch this movie. rupanya, there are tigers like them ( sangha and kumai ). they're really cute, and they understand a human. and what really touches my heart is that they really got the sifat kasih sayang between brothers and they dont eat human. kumai eats sweets ! believe that ? its a true story babe. dont think i'm creating a fake story pula. haha. yeah. if you wanna know, go and watched it yourself. HAHA.

err, okay. woaahh. i wrote a long blog today. haha. thats it.

mira xoxo. ;)