Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one finished ! four more to gooo~~ !

hello !! i finished my paper daaa !
hehe. yeah well. just now baru habis one final paper, paper hubungan etnik. dont have any idea bout it ?? haha. just ignore it. yeahh HAHA ! non of your business pun. werk ! HAHA. damn, you know what ? i'm really satisfied with myself today cuz i can answer most of the questionnn ! ta sangka a last minute thing can help ! HAHA. wanna know what time i started and did my revision last night ? at accurately 10.30p.m until 3.00 a.m !! HAHAHA. and my eye bags are SUCKS !!! eeeewwww ! haha. ahh ! dont give it a damn. as long as i've done my paper parfectly todayyyy ;) happy gilaaaa ! one paper finished so four more to go bebehh !!! yeeeeehhaaaaaa ! wish me luck dude. hehe. tomorrow's IT and i'll study tonight. dont worry bout me ! heeee ;)
so yeah. that's it bout my day today. catch up with you later with my ' what i felt's segment ! HAHA.