Friday, August 13, 2010

i'm so mad at you right now.

according to you,
i'm stupid, i'm boring, i'm useless,
i'm sucker at telling jokes,
i dunno how to take care of your feelings,
i'm everything that you dont like aite ??
but according to me,
you sucks !
you sweetalker !
you broke my heart and open back my old scars !

hey boy, you dont even care about me,
are you even listening when i talk to you ?
do you even care what i've been through all this while ??
what the hell's wrong with you,
you were there always, but its like you never knew me,
you treat me like a stranger,
i'm so mad at you right now,
and i cant even find a words to describe it,
you're on the way down,
and i cant wait to see you burned.
revenge is sweeter than you ever were .
dont say you sorry now cuz i just dont care !
shut up !
arrggghhhh :'(