Friday, August 20, 2010

forgiving somebody ;)

hello again bloggie ;)
miss my blog so much. miss sgt na express my feeling again. HAHA. tak habis habis ini budak.
new post !!! new post !!! HAHAHa. well what to do. budak suka kecoh. heee.
okay sudah sudah. really suda tersasar dari title blog aku sudah. okay.
back to the subject. about forgiving someone. what do you guys think about this ?
for me lah kan, when the older talks about forgiving someone is really hard but when we already fogive them, the feeling are soo. . . speechless. its like you achieve something you know that. mula mula, i was like sungguh blurr weii. i really dont know how is the feeling ? but after what i went through all this while, and after what he did, i felt the hardness to forgive someone that we really dissapointed of, its really hard to forgive him after what he did, but time passby, and i really think that its time for me to forgive him, lagipun its RAMADHAN month man, come on, takan mau bermasam muka right ? haaa, so i forgive him sudah and GOSH ! the feeling was soo niceeee ! cannot be describe. i just felt relieve. and obviously me and him sudah 0-0 lah. HAHAHA. err, so thats ot bout this forgiving thingie. but still, after this i sudah malas mau bercinta dulu. sangat bosan lah, asyik dengan the same ending. = breakup -.-' haduhh. merana my heart macam ni weii. HAHA.

come back about me... hehehe. nak jugak share bout how i felt today. you know what ? sangat lapar !! tidak sempat sahur babe this morning. awwww, nasiblah aku ni jenis kuat. puasa kan ? hehe. penuh doe. ;DD yeahh. i'm gonna keep this up.

okay. itu sahaja.

keep rockin',

mira. xoxo. ;)