Sunday, August 15, 2010

The day you went away.

well, i wonder, could it be,
when i was dreaming bout you baby, you were dreaming of me,
call me crazy, call me blind,
to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time,
but i just cant forget you,
i just cant pretend that this is the end of you and me,
how could you act like nothing ever happen ??
did i lose my love to someone better,
did she loves you like i did,
you know i do,
but how could you break my heart again ?
i know that i'm not the type of girl that you really want,
who can understand you, who can entertain you every single moment that you want,
i know that i always make you mad,
but have you ever think what made me act like that ??
have you ever give it a thought ??
have you ever thought of what's my feeling every time when you keep silent where you can be with me but you choose to be else where ??
what am i to you ?? a stranger ?? ohh, for god sake,
please ! how can i forget you,
so sad but true,
for me there's only you, been crying since the day. . .
the day you went away. . . :'(