Wednesday, September 1, 2010

no moreee.

he used to be my everything,
the one who i always had in mine,
the one who i always turn to whenever i had some difficulties,
the one who i always share my happiness with,
the one who create a smile on my face,
he always give me the strength whenever i fall,
and show me the light when i'm lost,

but the sad part is,
he didnt love me the way i did,
i'm just wondering have i crossed his mind before ?
he seems like do care for me at time,
but i guess its not based on love huh ?
know what, the closer i'm getting into him,
the more apart he goes awayy from me. .

i thought the second chance that i gave him was the best choice !
but i didnt realise that what i've done were just destroying myself more. . !
and this time, yeah, its more deeper.
the old scars of mine bleeds again numorous time.
yeah, i was blinded by my own lust !

i didnt see the part of him that goin to destroy me,
he took me for credit again, just for granted,
he crushed my heart into a smaller pieces than it used to be,
and this time, he KILLED me !!!

since the day you let me go,
it had never been a day without tears drop from my eyes,
i kept on thinking of you,
eventhough i'm the one who ask for the breakup,
but its against my will,
its because i cant recognize you anymore,
you've changed,
i gave you the second chance,
is to prove to me that you've changed,
but you've dissappointed me,
remember the moment,
when you said you wanna start all over again,
when you promised me you wont let me down,
where gone all your promises to me ?
i trusted you baby,
but i guess you're not serious with it right ?
its just a dream, a fairytale in my life,
AGAIN. . .

just for your info baby,
until this moment,
i still cant forget you !
its not worth for me,
i have my own life,
why should i think of you
when what you have been doin is laughing out loud for my suffer ?
well, yeah, all my love to you had crushed into pieces,
thanks for all your sweet words,
it really had fooled me,
for the second time,
i never realised that i'm such an idiot,
but yeah, i will try to forget you someday,
it just a matter of time.
i just have to wait for the time to comes.
FAREWELL mohammad raizul ashari.

edittedby : miraa :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one finished ! four more to gooo~~ !

hello !! i finished my paper daaa !
hehe. yeah well. just now baru habis one final paper, paper hubungan etnik. dont have any idea bout it ?? haha. just ignore it. yeahh HAHA ! non of your business pun. werk ! HAHA. damn, you know what ? i'm really satisfied with myself today cuz i can answer most of the questionnn ! ta sangka a last minute thing can help ! HAHA. wanna know what time i started and did my revision last night ? at accurately 10.30p.m until 3.00 a.m !! HAHAHA. and my eye bags are SUCKS !!! eeeewwww ! haha. ahh ! dont give it a damn. as long as i've done my paper parfectly todayyyy ;) happy gilaaaa ! one paper finished so four more to go bebehh !!! yeeeeehhaaaaaa ! wish me luck dude. hehe. tomorrow's IT and i'll study tonight. dont worry bout me ! heeee ;)
so yeah. that's it bout my day today. catch up with you later with my ' what i felt's segment ! HAHA.

Friday, August 20, 2010

WEiiiiiiiii !!

i told you guys, just be cool ;D
haha. bet all of you got the attention yeah ?? haha. you know what happen just now ?
at exactly 12.45 p.m, in Malaysia. my college bell's rang, the funny thing was that me and some of the kids can ignore the bell man ??!! WTH ?? hahaha. all of us, turn right turm left and keep onlining. haha. stupid fellows. dont know what am i thinking but i kept on onlining and listening to the music, UNTIL. . the people in charge ask all of us to come out from the Cyber Centre and urged all of us to stand outside the building. and all of them was like very confused and asking question like it is the end of the world, i was like , come on, just a bell rang babe, dont have to be that serious ?? haha. then after for a few minutes we stand there, the bell stopped rang. SEE ?? i told you . dont have to be that serious right ? haha. err, then now yeah. i'm sitting infront of the PC and writting this for you guys. heheee.

okay. now i wanna share bout me and my babe ( Rita ) yesterday, damn ! we made a stupid choice by choosing the wrong menu for 'berbuka puasa'. HAHA. you just imagine, we arrive at central market at around 7.30, just back from college. so, we just go round and saw the ais kacang, and without giving it a thought we straight away order the ais kacang. haha. then we ate. after a few moment, we started shivering and cannot resist it already, so i admit to rita that we made the wrong choice, then we laugh. HAHA. stupid girls like us are LIKE THAT. hahaha. so, it was my funny funny moment with my babe yesterday. :D

i love this movieeeee !
cute lil cubs <3
yeah, last night also i watch this movie. . Two brothers, story about this two tigers which is brothers, awww. i cant describe my feeling after watch this movie. rupanya, there are tigers like them ( sangha and kumai ). they're really cute, and they understand a human. and what really touches my heart is that they really got the sifat kasih sayang between brothers and they dont eat human. kumai eats sweets ! believe that ? its a true story babe. dont think i'm creating a fake story pula. haha. yeah. if you wanna know, go and watched it yourself. HAHA.

err, okay. woaahh. i wrote a long blog today. haha. thats it.

mira xoxo. ;)

forgiving somebody ;)

hello again bloggie ;)
miss my blog so much. miss sgt na express my feeling again. HAHA. tak habis habis ini budak.
new post !!! new post !!! HAHAHa. well what to do. budak suka kecoh. heee.
okay sudah sudah. really suda tersasar dari title blog aku sudah. okay.
back to the subject. about forgiving someone. what do you guys think about this ?
for me lah kan, when the older talks about forgiving someone is really hard but when we already fogive them, the feeling are soo. . . speechless. its like you achieve something you know that. mula mula, i was like sungguh blurr weii. i really dont know how is the feeling ? but after what i went through all this while, and after what he did, i felt the hardness to forgive someone that we really dissapointed of, its really hard to forgive him after what he did, but time passby, and i really think that its time for me to forgive him, lagipun its RAMADHAN month man, come on, takan mau bermasam muka right ? haaa, so i forgive him sudah and GOSH ! the feeling was soo niceeee ! cannot be describe. i just felt relieve. and obviously me and him sudah 0-0 lah. HAHAHA. err, so thats ot bout this forgiving thingie. but still, after this i sudah malas mau bercinta dulu. sangat bosan lah, asyik dengan the same ending. = breakup -.-' haduhh. merana my heart macam ni weii. HAHA.

come back about me... hehehe. nak jugak share bout how i felt today. you know what ? sangat lapar !! tidak sempat sahur babe this morning. awwww, nasiblah aku ni jenis kuat. puasa kan ? hehe. penuh doe. ;DD yeahh. i'm gonna keep this up.

okay. itu sahaja.

keep rockin',

mira. xoxo. ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Love Is A Lie

sometimes, i just got this sense laa,
i knew that something gonna happen before it happens,
well, i knew that my relationship with him will ruined someday,
and it happened, sadly.
i gave him the second chance but he just dont know how to appreciate it,
i cant bite my tongue forever,
while you try to play it cool,
you can hide behind your story but just,
dont take me for a fool, please !
yeah, you look so innocent but the guilt in your voice give you away,
yeahh, you know what i mean honey,
how does it feel when you kiss when you know that I TRUSTED YOU,
so dont try to say you're sorry,
or tried to make it right,
dont waste your breath because it just too late,
and i know that your love is just a lie,
you're NOTHING BUT A LIE honey. :')

wheel of life

haha. okay. life is like a wheel. sometimes we're up,
sometimes we're down. . .
and, saya, have been ages being at the bottom,
and now its time for me to rise up again.
i've been trying to find out the ways to rise,
because its not easy to get up here,
we have to really have the will to rise,
then only we bole rise, if ta, sampai bila bila we akn stucked di bwh.
haha. so it is time. :)

You are the one who messed up my life again and again.

you were the one who colored my life,
and you also the one who messed up my life,
we had it all before, but why it crushed again for the second time,
i've forgived you for the first time honey, but why you lost it again,
why did you let me go away from you,
what i did before, all of it are all BECAUSE OF YOU.
why didnt you open your eyes ?
cant you see ? hurm. . btw it was a past now. i should learn to forget you.